The Creation of the Finesse Massage Technique

The idea for the Finesse Massage Technique came to Deborah Bruce many moons ago.  As an industrial designer, she learned to look for the most elegant and simplest ways to solve complex 3D problems.  After her massage career began, Deborah still had the impulse to constantly search for ways to make each client’s session more effective.

Starting with bio-kinesiology, Deborah studied different ways in which the human body adapts to growth and experience, as well as to injury, disease, and aging. After understanding the underlying biological basis of both normal and disordered movement, she first developed the basic principle of using the finesse of compression, instead of force.

After Deborah first harnessed this ability, she spent the intervening years refining her techniques into a modality that is science-based, easy to communicate to others, and effective.  She also made sure that it was easy to practice for the therapist- with no more sore hands, wrists, or back!- as well as relaxing to the client.

She then realized that she could bring this new modality to the world at large, and voila! FMT has been born!

Building FMT as a Modality

Deborah Bruce first founded FMT as PFR, or Passive Fascia Restoration.  The technique is passive, to the client, and easy on the body of the practitioner.  It restores fascia to its natural state; thus, the name is perfectly accurate.  She realized, though, that it might be beneficial to call the technique by a name that is easier for both therapists and clients to remember.  The Finesse Massage Technique sounds much more fun and relaxing- also some perfectly accurate ways of describing the technique!  Please explore more on the site; find out what FMT can offer you!