The Finesse Massage Technique

The Fascia Release Technique You’ve Been Looking For!

Fascia, fractals and chaotic architectureLearn the technique of finesse, not force, to release fascial adhesions and trigger points.

  • Use only 8 ounces of pressure to effect impressive changes
  • No pain in your hands, back, or body!
  • The precise release of tension restores suppleness and tone to body tissues

Your clients will be amazed!

  • Instant pain relief
  • An FMT session is effective and relaxing
  • No discomfort for your client with this gentle technique!
  • Improvements in posture and gait in just one session

Focusing on Fascia vs. Muscle

Working Fascia is the Way to Change Muscle

Here’s a taste of the advanced concepts and new ways of thinking you’ll learn in the Basic FMT Class!

Bodywork directed toward fascia has an advantage over muscular work in two ways.

First, fascia encloses all muscle and it changes from soft interstitial tissue to iron hard tendon. By focusing your attention on fascia, you can directly affect body tension. Since muscle has no shape or tension without its fascial coverings, you will notice that working the fascia immediately relaxes the muscle tissue.

Second, transforming the fasciae changes the brain. Fascia is a continuous network that is connected directly to the brain and nervous system.  For example, most nerves end in fascia- not muscle tissue.  And, of course, the brain and spinal cord are wrapped in layers of fascia.  So, the brain maps that control body movements are most directly approached by fascial bodywork- not muscle work, as most of us were taught in massage school!

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