What Therapists Say About FMT

“This is the best workshop I have ever taken, FMT is the missing link in myofascial work.”

Kathy KramerHershey Entertainment & Resorts: Spa Operations

“I attended the World Massage Festival in 2013 to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.  I delight in the fact that one can take so many great classes while attending that conference.  I took the introduction class with Deborah Bruce, FMT.

You can imagine my surprise when she started class by saying her work had been inspired by Aston-Patterning.  I was appreciative of the acknowledgement and connection to Aston Work.  During the class, I could feel and was impressed with her consideration for the body and her intent to help by using a precise yet body-sensitive technique.

During the World Massage Festival in 2014, Deborah Bruce offered to give me a session.  In that one session, I could feel the effectiveness of the technique that she was using to address the fascial holdings.  I appreciated the intricacy and result.  Because of this, I encourage people to explore the opportunity to study and/or receive the FMT work.”

Judith AstonAston Kinetics & Pioneer of Aston Patterning with Ida Rolf

“I have worked with connective tissue my whole career as a therapist, more than 20 years, and FMT feels like a natural, intelligent evolution of fascial bodywork.  It is especially appealing for both client and therapist in cases of chronic pain and stress or where other work has not been effective or long-lasting.

FMT teaches deep relaxation and gentle, mindful engagement, two things that are sorely lacking in this modern world.  The value of the rhythmic entrainment between the therapist and the client in FMT is matchless in its positive effects on a variety of body systems.  FMT enhances the well-being of both client and practitioner, and is truly a tool for nonviolent betterment of our world.”

Alison DishingerGolden Wellbeing Collective

“FMT changed the way I approach the body.  I no longer think of ‘parts’ distant from one another.  I think of creating glide that effects the organization of the fascia matrix omnipresent throughout the entire body.  The gentle, non-aggressive nature of FMT soothes the nervous system and allows the body to release long-held tension.

Sometimes I weave FMT into regular massage sessions and other times I do a whole session of FMT.  Either way, my clients report long-lasting results.”

Nancie CarolloLicensed Massage Therapist

“Excellent for endurance runners.”

Melissa RobertsEstes Park Acupuncture

“I’ve used FMT along with my Medical Massage Techniques and find that the subtle and non invasive quality of the technique helps release the problem areas with much less effort than any one of my other manual techniques.

That is the tool that I use when the deeper work has been done and that which is left is easily reset and ‘melted’ by the use of FMT.  It has been a real success in creating ease and increased mobility in the fascia tissue.

Thanks for all you do!”

Sharon ThomasColorado Springs Massage Therapy: Medical Massage and More

“I have started using FMT with all my clients and they love it!”

Carol KellgrenNew Beginnings Doula & Massage

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Deborah Bruce, CMT, LMT, NCBTMB and founder of The Finesse Massage Technique.  I trust that my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate this exceptional Finesse Massage Technique specialist.

During the time I have known Deborah, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic participant in the therapeutic massage community.  I have enormous respect for her skills as an exceptional hands-on massage therapist.

My first contact with Deborah was when she offered me a transforming and dynamic therapeuticFinesse Massage Technique session.  I immediately noticed that Deborah is exceptionally bright, articulate and intelligent.  She has much wisdom to contribute and her touch is well-thought-out and very therapeutic.  I feel 100%confident that her therapeutic massage skills could be well utilized in your environment.

Deborah has my deepest respect.  The experience of knowing Deborah has had a profound effect on me.  Her commitment and passion for her work is evident as she offers her therapeutic massage therapy services and shares her knowledge so selflessly with others.

I have the greatest admiration for Deborah’s expertise as a first-class therapist and as the developer of FMT.  She came to me with the qualities of a natural healer:  genuineness, warmth, compassion and integrity.  It is exciting to think of the ways in which she might contribute to your well-being, pain relief and comfort.

Deborah Bruce is, quite simply, the most remarkable person and the most brilliant massage therapist I have ever met.”

Ariana VincentThe Ariana Institute