Get Relief from Pain and Chronic Tension

with no discomfort whatsoever!

  • The therapist uses very light pressure and gentle natural body movements
  • It’s effective because it focuses on releasing the connective tissue that surrounds all muscle and nerve fibers; it doesn’t just push hard on tight muscles
  • You will welcome relief from subtle tension, as well as outright pain
  • You’ll notice a better range of motion and better performance at sports and daily activities
  • Experience energy galore and more enjoyment from life!

FMT relieves the subtle tension that turns into nearly-invisible chronic contractions. Old bumps, bruises, injuries and minor or major traumas are dispelled gently and permanently.  This also results in eliminating compensation patterns in other parts of your body!

Many people comment, “I didn’t even know there was tension there” and “I feel so different now”!

How Does FMT Work?

It’s so gentle! How can it possibly be effective?

You can trust this proven method.  It works!

When you feel the changes in your whole body, these differences add up to feeling taller and more clear-eyed. You feel ready to take on the world.

The techniques communicate with the fascia in your body.  Fascia is an intelligent network of connective tissue that supports all your muscles, nerves, bones and organs.  FMT gently communicates with the fascia, rather than forcing short-term change.  Your fascia absorbs this new stimuli, and facilitates change in your tissues.  Since the change comes from within rather than being forced on your body externally, the changes last far, far longer!

Learn more about how Deborah Bruce developed FMT here.

Did you know...

… that fascia has an electrical signalling system- which is distinct and separate from our nervous system?

…that most nerves that signal pain are located in the fascia, not your muscles or organs?

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